Elba Jewelry Design Center, LLC.

Elba Jewelry Design Center, LLC.



About Us

Elba Jewelry Design Center provides customize jewelry design. We have a full manufacturing operation. We provide a whole sale pricing to our customers. Sophia Fiori is our product brand name. We have partnered with the major cruise lines such as Disney, Carnival and Holland America to name a few. We have made our presence globally from Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Caribbean Islands, Canada and US. We are now bringing the expertise and state of the art technology to the shores of Southern California especially serving our local community. We pride ourselves making sure you'll have one of a kind jewelry shopping experience when you shop at Elba Jewelry Design Center.


  • Jewelry Design
  • Customize Jewelry


Three generations of Bachoura Designers serving the community of San Dimas.
The 4C of buying a Diamond.
In our Design Center, we will help you bring your own design into life and you can choose to adorn it with different variety of colored diamonds to choose from.
Our Tuscan Diamond Collection carries the most exquisite yellow diamonds available in the market.
This one of a kind interchangeable pendant gives you different combinations of styles.