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Sensational Organizing started in 2015 by Elva Fonseca. Elva started her business after taking inventory of her skills used to support busy executives for over 15 years. Through organizing, she was able to create streamlined systems and save money for the businesses.

Throughout her life, Elva found tidying and releasing physical items in her own space to be therapeutic. She experienced that it always brought greater clarity into her life.

Elva discovered that ''stuff management'' is stressful and overwhelming for many. It requires time and mental energy that most people don't have after a long day of work. Professionals experience overwhelm and frustration when they come home. Families, especially moms, experience anxiety when they can't find things or be productive all day.

Out of her desire to make a more significant impact, Elva founded Sensational Organizing. Elva and her team enjoy simplifying people's lives by clearing the clutter and creating order in their homes so that they could thrive.

How wonderful would it be to entertain again? Wouldn't it be wonderful to have more time to enjoy your favorite hobbies, like crafting or tennis? How great would it be to focus your energy on going after your dreams instead of going after your family for the messes and constant miss-placed items? Imagine how productive you could be if every drawer were organized instead of every drawer being a junk drawer? Wouldn't you LOVE coming home to your sanctuary after a long day?

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  • Home Organizing
  • Closet Design
  • Unpacking
  • Space Planning


Founder and CEO
Overwhelmed? Don't know where to start? We're here to help!
Before - Activity Closet - Client can't find anything
After - A system was created and a home was given for everything clearly marked.
Before - Pantry stuffed, food going to waste, hard to identify what is on hand
After - Food was categories and a system was created to make shopping and restocking easier
Before - Bedroom turned into a catch all run causing ovewhelm.
After - Items no longer being used were donated or sold. Client was able to turn the spare bedroom into a bedroom for her oldest son.
Before - Client doesn't know what she has on hand and food goes to waste frequently
Before - Client doesn't know what she has on hand and food goes to waste frequently
After - Zones and categories were created in the pantry for ease of access. Client had some wallpaper laying around and we had it installed on the ceiling for extra touch
After - Close up of categories